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Cebic Technologies Help Desk is designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses, regardless of whether or not the business is a remote monitoring client. Help desk users can contract for a specified number of hours/incidents or chose to be billed on an hourly basis for resolution of the problem. With no travel time, pooled expertise and access to extensive knowledge bases, resolving client problems tends to be very cost-effective.

A growing knowledge base of solutions to common IT problems is available at no cost.

Once a business establishes a login id and password, queries can be emailed directly to Cebic’s cyber technicians. Typically, problems are resolved within 24 hours.

Access the Cebic Support Desk


Having a talented IT staff can have its drawbacks. One Cebic client discovered its full-time IT person was hosting his own website on his employer's servers, selling competitive products. The employee was fired and the company immediately signed on for remote monitoring and IT support.

With Cebic support they discovered they didn't need a full-time IT person and are saving over $50K in salary.




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