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Cebic’s Customer Portal allows our customers to view the health of their networks, servers and RAIDs real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including up to a month of system logs and alerts. Graphing capabilities allow you to visually identify potential problems and provide management with status reports.


Making the Blacklist

Network speed slowing to a crawl in the afternoon was one clue. But this client company really got the message when it discovered it was blacklisted by anti-spam programs for sending unsolicited SPAM to millions of email accounts. The company's computer system was being used as a SPAM server and more than 20,000 SPAM emails were send each day from the company's network.

 Hiring Cebic Technologies to eliminate the SPAM program and institute remote monitoring was the easy part. The company has spent countless more in man hours and dollars working to clear its name and get the company off the SPAM blacklists.







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