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Peter Wells Zafian Named Cebic Technologies President - July 2008

Cebic Technologies Acquires Hybinette, Inc. - April 2007

Cebic Technologies Offers Computer Hardware as a Service - March 2007

Cebic Technologies Offers Monitoring Appliance for In-House Security and Network Health Monitoring - Jan. 2007

Cebic Technologies Officer to Speak at National Investment Advisor Conference - November 2006

Cebic Technologies Completes Security Operations Center For D.O.E. Western Area Power Administration - July 2006

Cebic Rink Printing Contracts with Cebic Technologies to Monitor Komori LS-640 Press - May 2006

Profiles of Success, Cebic Technologies. Safegaurding Electronic Business Assets 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - Summer/Fall 2005

Affordable, On-Line Computer Help Available For Small Businesses, Cebic Help Desk capabilities announced - Jan 25, 2005

Johan Hybinette Achieves Top Computer Security Designation - May 21, 2004

Cebic Technologies INC. Assists Graphic Design Clients With It Managment Companies Across the U.S. Use Cebic Remote Security Solutions - October 2004

Cebic Technologies Inc. Now Offering High Quality Computer Systems IT Management Company Rivals Big Manufactures with Configurable and 'Clean' Systems - August 2004

Cebic Technologies Inc. Earns Top Computer Security Certification - Apr 28, 2003

Cebic Technologies Inc. Launches Remote Intelligence - Real Time IT Management - Aug 17, 2003

Nest Fresh Eggs Producer Outsources IT Services to Cebic Technologies Inc. - July 22, 2003

Beate Hybinette Named Information System Security Association Community Liaison Officer

Bray Weaver Joins Cebic Technologies, Inc. as Senior Systems Analyst


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